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Direct mail relies on USPS rules and requirements for proper automated mailing and delivery. Learn more here.USPS Regulations. If you are designing a postcard or an envelope to be mailed through the United States Post Office then there are a few regulations you will . May 14, 2014 . What do you mean the post office won't let me mail it this way? Almost every day we get this question from a client. Since the post office has . The US Postal Service has specific requirements about printed products that are. We recommend including a return address on the back of your postcards.Postcard USPS postal requirements & specifications for automated mailing. The last time the USPS lowered the cost of a first-class stamp was way back in . Aug 5, 2013 . Making sure your mailpiece meets USPS guidelines before you print can save you tons of time and money. Always check with your mailing . Postcard specifications cover USPS guidelines, postcard postal regulations and. USPS non-print areas (back side, Print + Address + Mail orders only)Templates for brochures, postcards, newsletters, catalogs and more to insure that your mailings comply with USPS regulations.Check with your local post office for specific postcard requirements. probably won't be receiving your postcard back unless you've included a return address.But to qualify for mailing at the First-Class Mail postcard price, it must be:. The rules about attachments to postcards are restrictive, so check with your Mailpiece  .

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