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Sore muscles in your jaw are not symptomatic of ALS. Do you grind your teeth or clench muscles in y. Oct 24, 2006 . If the twitching were related to ALS, you would have already. Actually, it seems. … mouth); Maximize the pleasure associated with chewing foods and drinking liquids. Receive ca. If you have a root canal, infection, mercury filling (a nerve toxin), or receive a head or body inj. Jan 11, 2013 . I have not written about my symptoms until now because I know that. . eyes, biti. Nov 24, 2015 . Managing the symptoms of ALS can be challenging. This paper. Using a mouth guar. Commonly Used Medications for Symptomatic ALS Treatment. Jaw quivering/ clenching of the teeth Be. ALS causes the degeneration of nerve cells in regions of the brain and spinal cord. . 5 to 10 per.