Minimum postcard size for
With First-Class Mail postcards, you pay a low price and get all of the benefits, like. Make sure your mailpiece meets the minimum thickness requirement. Thin  . Card dimensions. Image shows minimum and maximum size for postcards. Minimum. Maximum. Length. 5 inches. 6 inches. Height. 3-1/2 inches. 4-1/4 inches.US Post Office is concerned — there are just minimum and maximum allowable sizes. What is the size of a postcard that has the . May 14, 2014 . Postcard size is 3.5 x 5 to 4.25 x 6, anything larger is considered to be in. The block needs to be a minimum .5 inches from the right edge and . The USPS dictates size standards for mail in the United States based on the requirements of its automatic mail-sorting equipment. The minimum postcard size is . A: All standard postcard sizes, from 4” x 6” up to 6” x 11” (flat or folded to size), can be mailed. Sizes should fit within the requirements of the United States Postal . Direct mail relies on USPS rules and requirements for proper automated mailing guide follows current USPS regulations for all our mailing sizes and formats.The US Postal Service has specific requirements about printed products that are mass mailed using. Size requirements and mailing rates for postcards.We just finished up our wedding invitations, and we only now noticed that the response postcards are a half-inch shorter than the minimum.All measurements are in inches. These are standard postcard sizes. Check with United States Post Office before mailing. Designers Toolbox is not responsible .


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