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You may get a Paper Jam or Paper not Detected message for your NeatDesk scanner. There are a few po. Paper is not feeding through the NeatConnect scanner. This is likely due to either a paper jammed i. For the NeatReceipts scanner, make sure the paper is all the way to the side of the scanner under t. Jan 20, 2017 . Take any papers out of the scanner and quit Neat for Mac (Open Neat Menu and click. Cloud-powered document and expense management solution that aggregates, automates, and simplifies y. Calibrate your NeatDesk scanner. Remove the calibration paper from its special pocket in the Welcom. NeatReceipts Scanner Maintenance Kit. This maintenance kit includes 3 sheets of alcohol cleaning pa. Eliminate the paper mess - scan receipts, business cards, and documents all in one batch; Access an.

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