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In Hawaiian mythology, the Menehune are said to be a people, sometimes described as dwarfs in size, who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the  . Jul 7, 2014 . And according to this webpage and the University of Hawaii, sightings of little people and their villages in valleys around the Na'Pali Coast all . Mar 27, 2010 . A strange creature is found in a park in San Francisco. Froyam's story of Menehune experience,rare sightings, decision to sell the property in one square foot parcels.May 11, 2006 . I also summarized my investigations of the 1940s' Waimea sightings of Menehune by school superintendent George London and about 45 . Nov 30, 2016 . The Hawaiian's have the Menehune.. Sightings of Pele have been reported all over the islands of Hawaii for hundreds of years, but especially . Nov 13, 2011 . I am hoping by sharing this story, other folks in Mililani Mauka will share their stories. There is definitely something going on up here but I can't . Feb 29, 2016 . The Menehune of Hawaii is a very unique type of creature.. . It is worth mentioning that Menehune sightings nowadays are usually located . Oct 24, 2014 . Apparently, several people had spotted a menehune. They thought. .. New roommates in the house have had ghostly sightings. "I don't know if . Oct 18, 2014 . Hawaii's most famous mythical beings are the menehune—. . Unconfirmed sightings of a mystery big cat had been circulating on Maui since .

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