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Tally mark tattoo = Silence Sightings Bahahahahhah! @Elaina Kathryn demick! I told you I would find this!!! | See more about Told you, Self harm and Nice.Tally marks tattoo Want one on the back of my neck and I want it to resemble the date I get married. | See more about Spirals, My best friend and The o'jays.Dec 24, 2016 . Nope, because there would still be one tattoo that wasn't counted by the tally marks. If the tally they get at the same time as the other tattoo . Did you see the Silence? Need to keep track of alien encounter but forget the aliens as soon as you look away? What better and versatile and univer. Prison tattoos symbolize toughness or refusal to accept authority. This particular type of ink depicts gang symbols, racist signs, murders committed, or time . Tally Marks Tattoos. Lauren Elizabeth. YouTube.com / @Lauren Elizabeth. Leave a Comment. Lauren Elizabeth has a tally marks tattoo right above her right . Find and follow posts tagged tally marks on Tumblr.. 150 notes. henna-tattoos. #Henna#Doctor Who#Tally Marks#Silence#Ood#Sonic Screwdriver#Adipose# . Jun 13, 2013 . Not many people know about Louis Tomlinson's tattoo that depicts five discreet tally marks on his arm. Louis' tally mark tattoo is inked on the  john's tally mark tattoos represent the amount of turtles he has helped cross the. Your wedding ring being a tally mark tattoo on your ring finger instead of a . Buy 'Tally Marks tattoo' by Summah Huntley as a Sticker or Acrylic Block.