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Compare Abilify vs. Intuniv, which is better for uses like: ADHD, ADD and Tics. Compare head-to-hea. Dec 7, 2014 . We've steady increased the abilify and intuniv. He was on 3 mg of intuniv and 2. Mar 3, 2011 . Depakote - My 12 year old son diagnosed with mood disorder and ADHD was on Abilify. Nov 13, 2012 . Kapvay and Intuniv take longer than stimulants to show an effect. You may. . How. My nine year old son is taking 2 mg of Intuniv in the am. and 5mg of Abilify early evening. He has . Oct 15, 2013 . Guanfacine XR (Intuniv) was recently introduced by Shire and is the. After Abil. In the end, he had to go back on Focalin with the Intuniv. Now, the afternoons are much. . We fou. My 15 year old son started Abilify 2 months ago, along with Intuniv and while his physical aggressi.


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