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Shop at GNC for Total EclipseAssure® Detox – Tropical Fruit Punch - HERBAL CLEAN.. MAXIMUM STRENGTH. Product Directions / Additional Info.How do you use total eclipse assure detox drink to be ready for drug test in 1 day ? How do. Basically Assure just dilutes your urine, so that it makes the amount of drug in yo. … they worked for. got my eyes on this one Total EclipseAssure Detox because of the water that youre required by the product directions to . Total Eclipse Assure Detox Maximum Strength has mixed reviews as some people had a total detox but other had to take it second time to pass the drug test.Buy Total Eclipse Assure Detox, Maximum Strength, Tropical Fruit Punch 32 fl oz (946. Directions. Easy One Step Instructions. Take all 4 capsules with 16 oz of . Total Eclipse Assure Detox uses a blend of unusual and unexpected ingredients. I see certain possibilities with Total Eclipse Assure Detox, but I also think that .


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