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This post was edited by Attaullah at 23:20, May-20-2016 Hey , friends I am sharing the miui stock browser app Many of the people has . The Chinese did it again! The "Charming Browser" has a MIUI-like look and feel. So. So I translated it! cn.miren.browser-v1.1-b97-mod2.apk . Jun 1, 2016 . Back in April, I purchased a Redmi Note 3, as a backup to my Nexus 6, and have been using it for a month now. While it is a fantastic device, . Detail of web browser MIUI Browser. MIUI browser (aka Charming Browser) is MUIU Stock Browser (for MIUI rom) from Xiaomi.Hi guys. i customize maxton browser. maybe whom likes [ATTACH][ATTACH][ ATTACH][ATTACH] . Chrome BROWSER, is one of the popular web browser developed by GOOGLE Inc. It has all the features offered by the MIUI built-in BROWSER. Except it has .


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