Apricot kernels for cancer

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An apricot kernel is the seed of an apricot. It is known for containing amygdalin, a poisonous compound. Together with the related synthetic compound laetrile, amygdalin has been marketed as an alte. Learn about apricot kernels and laetrile, a powerful anti-cancer agent that the US government is suppressing from you.Nov 27, 2016 . Are apricot seeds an effective, alternative treatment for cancer? Learn about the nutritional content of apricot kernels and the risks of . Apricot seeds are controversial in the health community? Are they a strong anticancer agent or too dangerous for consumption? Read on to hear about the . Feb 6, 2015 . Apricot kernels do not cure cancer. I'll admit, I'm no huge fan of 'alternative medicine', particularly the ones which have been thoroughly tested . While laetrile (e.g. apricot seeds) is a very good cancer treatment it should not be the primary cancer treatment for any cancer patient but can frequently be used . Apricot pits are the source of laetrile, a discredited cancer drug, and of amygdalin (sometimes inaccurately called "vitamin B-17") found in the seeds of other fruits . There was interest in using apricot kernel to fight cancer because it was thought that amygdalin was taken up first by cancer cells and converted to cyanide.Aug 10, 2016 . Vale is not alone in believing that apricot kernels — the soft, almond-like seeds found inside apricot pits — can fight or prevent cancer.

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