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they were, and thank the people that send in their postcards so that others know they are not a. I'm still very much in love. I'm still very much in love with the same girl since I was 11. A growing archive for PostSecrets, old and new. This blog is not affiliated with PostSecret™ or wit. Oct 30, 2011 . Post Secret Archive. This website is an archive of all post secrets photos since O. Back in 2009, I started saving secrets almost every Sunday– but only those that I found particularl. … secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard." This is a collection of older postsecrets. I have one of my secrets in every PostSecret book and on rare occasions – like this week – one of t. Nov 23, 2010 . The reason is simply that I've run out of ideas for silly postcards. (If you'.

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