Should you be able to touch with uvula tonge

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Mar 18, 2015 . In other words, if you can't do it, blame mom and dad. But John. Tongue-rolling isn't the only genetic trait we've oversimplified. Here. . (Both her parents can roll their tongues, as can I. Our oldest can't but our youngest can.. . It's called the uvula, and most people cannot touch it with t. You may wish to see an ENT doctor about your swollen uvula, since any kind of. Ok heres my question, at what time should I be worried and go see a doctor. swallowing or eating) but the irritation from my uvula touching my tongue is driving. 2 weeks ago and well my uvula is still swollen and I am not able to eat much. The palatine uvula, usually referred to as simply the uvula /ˈjuːvjʊlə/, is a conic projection. If the soft palate cannot touch the back of the throat while swallowing , food a. At times it is difficult to identify a swollen uvula from a normal uvula just. When elongated due to swelling, the uvula may appear to touch the tongue,. . However, you should see a doctor because if it is a bacterial infection then you. The hot tea may have at most soothed the area but it will not be able to treat an infection. Jan 20, 2006 . I want to see a photo of you touching your uvula with your tongue :). . someone should totally make a webpage! i can touch everything. .. I have always been able to stick my tongue behind my soft palate, touch my tonsils, . Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Arnoult on my uvula is touching my tongue:. My Uvula has been touching my tongue how can I stop that quickly?Jul 4, 2015 . A swollen uvula is not a serious condition and should disappear on its own in a few days.. An enlarged uvula may touch the tongue. Although you may be able to treat swollen uvula at home, consult a doctor if the uvulitis . I just discovered I can do this: Pull your tongue back as far as it will go, now blow! you'll feel your uvula touch your tongue, then you can press it up. .. I should add that I started the thread about an anatomic curiosity rather . Sep 7, 2016 . A swollen uvula (uvulitis) is a rare condition that is most often. You cannot breathe; You cannot move your neck or open your mouth due to the enlargement of the uvula that may have touched the tongue.. . Should I have it snipped? but its not as bad as touching my tonuge or teeth, but it hurts really . ..Dec 9, 2011 . The tongue! It touches the uvula! Not even gagging, how exciting. Hope this teaches you how to be cool, and how to be confident, and of course .

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