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Letters are items such as envelopes, greeting cards, postcards, bills, specialty. Postage paid, flat-rate envelopes are ideal if you regularly send documents and . Postal prices 2017. Effective January 16, 2017. Within Canada. Buy Stamps. Stamps in booklets/coils/panes<sup>1</sup>, $0.85, $1.20. Meter or Postal Indicia<sup>2</sup>, $0.82 . Jan 16, 2017 . Letter-post must be posted in Canada for delivery outside of Canada. letters, cards or postcards are mailed at Standard Letter-post prices.Priority Mail Express International™ Legal Flat Rate Envelope. Click to Select >. Postcard, Letter, Large Envelope, Package, Large Package. Postcard, LetterYou can also use our Global Forever<sup>®</sup> stamp to mail postcards or 1 oz letters. If a mailpiece exceeds the maximum length, height, or thickness of one rate, . USPS postage rates offer low-cost mailing and shipping prices for domestic. See Forever postage stamp prices and other postage rates.. Postcard StampsInfo on 2017 USPS postage rate increase, new USPS postage stamp prices.. Priority Mail Express Intl Flat Rate Box - Canada, Discontinued, Discontinued . Learn more about our current postage rates for Canada, US, and International rates.How many Forever stamps do I put on a letter from California to Canada?. Canada. Although the procedures and postage rates for letters are fairly simple and . Current USPS postage rates, 2014 US postal stamp prices.. Metered Mail/ Rate, $0.460. First Class Mail Letter - each. Canada, $30.16 and up.

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