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Mar 26, 2016 . Shanghai Bund (上海灘). Artist: Andy Lau (刘德华); Song: 上海灘. English translation. Shanghai Bund. Lyrics: James Wong. Composer: Joseph . Original 1980 Cantonese lyrics New 2007 Mandarin lyrics Note: sang the theme song to the classic 1980 TVB gangster drama THE BUND . Apr 28, 2015 . Chinese Pinyin Lyrics. .. Jessie Zhong Jie Xi (1); Jhan Yu Chi (2); Ji Dong Xian Chang Le Tuan (1); Ji Jia Song (5); Ji Jia Ying (1); Jia Jia (15) . Lyrics for Shang Hai Tan by 葉麗儀. long pan long lau man lei tou tou kong suy wen pat yau tou chung liu shai tan shi. wan chok tou tou yat tin chiu lau. All Joined in One A Story of Shanghai. View of the Bund, 1850s. You” which was a popular song with the original Chinese lyrics in Shanghai in the 1940s. May 18, 2011 . Shanghai Beach - Frances Yip. [Eng Sub] The Bund Opening Theme Song by Frances Yip - Shanghai tan - 上海灘葉麗儀1980 - Duration: . The theme song Seung Hoi Tan (上海灘) is a well-known. It was one of the early collaborations composed by Joseph Koo with the lyrics by Wong. The 1996 film Shanghai Grand rel. Aug 8, 2008 . Beijing 2008 ! by Frances Yip Lyrics Shanghai Tan / Shanghai Beach Themesong from "The Bund" Cantonese lyrics Long ban long lau Maan lei tou tou gong seoi. It is the song to a TV series which is called Shanghai Grand.Mar 29, 2013 . Shanghai Beach (The Bund 上海灘) ~ aka "Bến Thượng Hải" in Vietnamese by : Andy Lau ~ Music & Cantonese Lyrics by: Jim Wong ~ English Translation/Int. … The series theme song, "Shanghai Beach," is very popular . Mar 3, 2015 . Lyrics with English subtitles of Shanghai Tan. The Shanghai Bund is a Hong Kong period drama television series that was first broadcast on .

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