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How to Look at Who a Person Follows on Tumblr. By Andrea Ruiz. Your Tumblr dashboard displays the p. Tumblr does not allow you to see another user's followers; however, you can determine some of t. If you have a trusted friend on the site, or someone. … Visit the Tumblr whose follow list you. The information is available from the Tumblr API:. How can I tell how many followers someone els. Jul 25, 2016 . For all practical purposes, it's not possible to see this. . ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP. No if you off this feature then no one will able to see what you are. On Tumblr, if someone is f. Mar 10, 2011 . To answer my own question: While this was not possible with the Tumblr API before,. Is your Tumblr old and busted?. It's not exactly easy to find, but follow this guide to dele.