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Extramarital sex occurs when a married person engages in sexual activity with someone other. Premarital sex could be punished by up to 100 lashes, while adultery is punishable by stoning. goo. Aug 31, 2016 . Why extra marital affairs could be right (Thinkstock Photos/ Getty Images). Your wedding vows talk about a lifetime together, a life of unwavering . Aug 20, 2016 . Extra-marital affairs work for those who want that extra spice, says Rupali Dean.. And, one can't marry everyone they love, right?" For Maya . Jun 14, 2015 . People all around are having extramarital affairs, regardless of their. People who marry in their early 20s would most likely have achieved . Nov 29, 2016 . We all value love, then why do we engage in extra marital affairs?. They could have discovered an illicit relationship or are deranged by their partner's of wrecking marriages, simply because the relationships feel so right!Feb 24, 2015 . Confused and guilt-ridden about living a double life, Cynthia looked forward to a time when the affair would end and she could stop being . My ethics say lying is wrong. And lying doesn't just include statements. It includes purposefully. Dating and Relationships: Is an extra marital affair right?. It's wrong because in order to have an illicit affair you would have had to also lie, . EDIT- prelude: Over 59k thousand views and 64 upvotes. I know that this is a subject that. How can a mistress end an extramarital affair? What are the reasons . Extra marital affairs have been in existence from time immemorial in every society .. Sometimes, the 'other woman' can be the best friend of the wife or the . I've listed some potential problems with having an extra-marital affair.. . feel torn and don't know what to do - talk to a relationship expert - you can, right now.
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