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The ship is designed to be as similar in internal and external appearance to the Titanic as possible. Jan 11, 2017 . An artist's impression of The Titanic II (Photo: Blue Star Line). The vessel is a replica of the RMS Titanic which sank after hitting an iceberg in . TITANIC II model test held in Germany Media Release September 19, 2013 Titanic II model test to be held in Germany Media Release - 12 August 2013 Titanic II . Feb 11, 2016 . (CNN) Don't book your tickets for the Titanic II just yet. A spokesman for Australian tycoon Clive Palmer told the Belfast Telegraph that the . Feb 11, 2016 . Haunting images show how closely the new vessel will resemble tragic RMS Titanic.Titanic 2 cruise ship - the most waited liner, fascinates and inspires millions around the world. Titanic 2 ship replica is the stunning project to revive the RMS . Feb 10, 2016 . Titanic II is set to launch in less than two years — not in movie. She will accommodate 2400 passengers — 177 more than the RMS Titanic.Sep 1, 2013 . Have a look at the AWESOME official hero video that ran at the world wide launches in Macau, New York, London, Southampton and Halifax. Feb 10, 2016 . Captivating side-by-side images show how the planned Titanic II will stick to. If this replica of the RMS Titanic ever sets sail, it will look eerily . Feb 11, 2016 . Ever heard the story of the RMS Titanic and thought: "Wish I'd been there"? Well, now you can be. Sort of: A replica of the ship, which .

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