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Mixers and combination Mixers and Throttle Bodies (Carburetors) from IMPCO model 55 to 600 for natural gas and LPG. Fuel Metering. Venturis, Load Blocks . The LPG regulators, ECMs and DST connectors (found on the engine wire on how to install the DST and CAN (Controller Area Network) bus Adapter software,  . IMPCO Technologies Inc. manufactures and markets products and systems that allow on-highway and off-highway engines to operate on clean burning, . Impco 55 Series Carburetors & Mixers - Positive & Negative Pressure Standard Carburetor for CNG & LPG Fuels. The Standard model can be mounted in an . Garretson KN low pressure propane regulator and natural gas fuel controller.. It is suitable for use with low pressure, Natural Gas and LPG Vapor fuels. This regulator is. The KN regulator is completely rebuildable using an IMPCO repair kit.GARRETSON IMPCO STYLE KN LOW PRESSURE REGULATOR 039-122. Application: low pressure propane or natural gas fuel controller for small engines.. . dry gas pressure regulator designed for use with LPG Vapor or Natural Gas.Impco Garretson Mdl Kn Low Pressure Regulator # 039-122 Vaporizer Converter Lpg: Industrial Hardware: Industrial & Scientific.The NEES 200™ is a digital air-to-fuel (A/F) ratio controller for gaseous petroleum gas (LPG, “propane”, “propane-butane”) and by compressed. . IMPCO, Nolff's - remove the vent screen, install the plastic vacuum elbow into the threaded.Feb 1, 2015 . IMPCO Technologies is located at: Standard LPG Fuel System Engine Maintenance Schedule .Aug 14, 2012 . This video to explain how the valve works on a beam type regulator used on a natural gas or propane engine. These units are used often on .