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A Valentine love note can be found from monster drops, training skills or won from Treasure. The Valentine's note is an item used in Jagex moderator events. It can be obtained. Love cou. Not to be confused with Valentine love note.. This produces the message, " Spreading the lov. Zemouregal's notes are two sets of notes Zemouregal about his fellow Mahjarrat. They were. The Notes feature was released with the Mobilising Armies update of 8 July 2009 . It is a part of. …Knight's notes are given by the dying knight outside the God Wars Dungeon. They explain about. ..The Bervirius notes is a quest item that is obtained during the Shilo Village. Rashiliyia did so. 110 notes. Loading. Show more notes. Reblog. i love runescape because of the economy, i absolutely.

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